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Italian Bathroom Concept for Every Style

Here at Home Touch Gallery we have every type of flor tile to suit every style of home
If you have a small country cottage, then maybe our Slate effect porcelain Tiles, or quirky patchwork tiles could be the perfect tile for you. Or for something a little more modern, why not look at our highly polished porcelain tiles for your or even our Tiles for the most glamorous of finishes!
We understand that practicality is key when it comes to some tiling floors which is why we stock a range of anti-slip floor tiles, perfect for a busy family home or suitable to be used as a commercial floor tile.
The choice of style, colour, texture and design are endless Easy to maintain and clean making it the most hygienic choice for your home or business Porcelain Floor Tiles are durable and hard wearing making them perfect for high traffic areas and can be used with underfloor heating From beautiful Victorian style patterns on the floor to make that wow factor statement entrance hallwaty, to clean and sleek modern large format porcelain\ perfect for open plan living, we are sure you will find a floor tile for your home, whatever your style!

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